Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Plan B Dressing - The Quick Grab and Wear Plan

A networking associate posed a question to me last week. She said that when getting dressed, she often forgets what she has in her wardrobe that can be worn together. Although her clothes hang in colour groups, this system provides no reminder and she often defaults to her favourite combination. Did I have any ideas to help her?
I like to plan ahead what I am going to wear. Not everyone is like that and even this plan does not always work. Disaster can strike at any time - clothes get ruined, you missed that stain, something rips as you put it on or you get a last-minute invitation to go somewhere.
I gave her some suggestions and decided to share them with you. I call this the Quick Grab and Wear Dressing Plan for business women over 40.
Make It Easy to Find Clothes to Wear
If you have so many clothes hanging in your wardrobe or closet that they merge into one solid block, it is time to re-organise or discard. Has the season changed and you are still keeping on hand clothes that do not suit this time of the year? If so, move those clothes elsewhere. Space out the clothes that are left so you can see all of your clothes. Sort out the clothes on your shelves and in your drawers so that you do not have to rummage through twenty items to find the one you want. Hang jewellery in clear pocket hangers and put scarves on tie hangers to make it easy to choose the best accessory that suits your mood and personality.
Enough is Plenty
Apply the Buddhist principle of Enough. With your wardrobe that means that before you buy more clothes, look at the current clothes in your wardrobe differently. Change any out-dated ideas that only this can go with that. Be young again. Play Dress Ups. Try on everything with everything. Try wearing your camisoles and singlet tops as modern outer vests. Mix patterns and colours. You may be amazed at what works and how your dressing choices have suddenly expanded. Enough will be plenty.
Create a Looks Folder
Now it is time to remember your old and new combinations. For the writers, write down all your dressing and accessory combinations and good places to wear that combination eg This item goes with that item when I go to this event.
For those more visual, take pictures of yourself or your combinations against a plain neutral-coloured wall. Create an album of your looks on your mobile or iPhone. You can also cut and paste them into a Word document as small images. Then print the document in colour at any printing place for only a few dollars. Depending on who shares your computer or laptop, you can create a screensaver of your looks. This was suggested by the networker above as she started to see the possibilities. Lastly, get creative with your own ideas.
Stick your printed sheets on the wardrobe door or wall for easy reference. Remember to check your Looks Folder before you get dressed.
Bonus Tip
When you buy something new, wear it as soon as possible in at least two different ways to imprint it on your mind. Be like a little kid. They are so in love with their new clothes that they cannot wait to wear them again and again. That might happen to you, especially if someone you admire compliments you on your new clothes or accessory.
Stop complaining about your wardrobe! Use these modern dressing tips to get dressed simpler and faster.

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