Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Make Her Day Special - Tiaras From Dressup Days to the Real Wedding

Little girls love tiaras. Your little girl probably played princess, or wedding, or maybe Miss America pageant. Maybe she's still in the midst of the days of crowns and rhinestones and the fancy dress-up pageant. There's just something about rhinestone tiaras that makes a little girl feel beautiful. When she gets older, she may not play princess or wedding anymore, but it's still fun to take a break from real life and let your (not-so) little girl feel like a princess again. Here's how you can use rhinestone, crystal, or pageant tiaras to help her feel special, and maybe even a little spoiled, no matter what age your princess is.
Royal Crowns for the Little Ones:
If you have a young daughter with princess-mania, you may need to give into the rhinestone tiaras for a while. Donning tiaras at playtime doesn't mean she isn't learning about soccer and science, so as long as her activities are balanced, don't feel guilty indulging the rhinestone crowns and tiara madness a little. You may want to look for tiaras for sale - whether your budget is of the dollar store tiara variety or something a little more authentic (rhinestone, crystal - just make that tiara sparkle!), giving her a plastic or rhinestone tiara of her own will be a memorable gift. Tell her she's princess for the day, then spend some quality time playing pretend with her and the new rhinestone tiara - set up a pretend wedding, or provide enough crowns to assemble a small royal court for the afternoon.
Crystal Tiaras for the Teenage Pageant or Prom:
Most teenage girls, even the non-beauty pageant sets, attend one or more formal events during their high school years. Though the crowns and tiaras at home have likely been put away for a while, letting her wear a tiara (maybe more crystal than rhinestone this time) to a special event will make her feel as special as that last pretend pageant in the living room.
A rhinestone or crystal gift from dad can be especially meaningful at this age and will make her evening memorable. If your daughter will celebrate a quinceanera, make her special day extra glamorous with a rhinestone or crystal tiara. If buying a crystal tiara for sale is out of the budget, consider borrowing or renting a tiara for the day. You can find rhinestone or crystal tiaras by looking for pageant or wedding tiaras online.
Bridal Tiaras for the Wedding Day:
A wedding is perhaps the most obvious use of crystal tiaras. A crystal bridal tiara can be a wedding gift from a father or fiancee and often a wedding tiara is more memorable than a crystal necklace. The wedding day is one for a crystal tiara. Again, look for wedding tiaras online or ask your wedding planner or wedding dress supplier for recommendations. Bridal jewelery, bridal bouquet, and wedding decorations can coordinate with a tiara, too. When she looks back at her wedding day, and thinks of the crystal tiara, she'll remember how someone thought of her as a bridal princess. Soon it will be her turn to provide rhinestone tiaras for her little ones!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Embrace Your Body: It Is the Only One You Will Ever Have

As a woman I know the constant battle that we fight in relation to our actual physical appearance versus our desired physical appearance. Our culture has done an excellent job of convincing us that we need to always be something we are not. Whether that is in terms of looking younger or being "more attractive to the opposite sex" or having a better figure...the message sent is clear. "You aren't what you could be or should be." That message can then be internalized to..."or what I want to be".
God says that we are created in His image. He knit each of us together as an intricately and curiously woven (as an embroidered piece of fine cloth. That is a considerably different message than we hear on a daily basis from our culture.
The old phrase, "Beauty is more than skin deep" should be a twenty-first century phrase as much or more than it was an early twentieth century phrase. Where does true beauty come from? Each of us know women who are not physically attractive yet they are breathtakingly beautiful because of their inner spirit. Why have we bought into the idea that in order to be beautiful we must look like a super model from head-to-toe no matter our age, economic status or profession? Begin today to see yourself as God sees you ... His creation! That is pretty cool, isn't it? The God of the universe created YOU just like He wanted down to the very last detail.
I can hear you saying, "But I really do want to be more physically attractive." I believe God puts within us a desire to be the best and make the most of what He has given us. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look our best by feeding our bodies good, wholesome food, exercising, getting enough rest, and keeping stress at a minimum whenever possible.
When I teach women about body types, including figure assets and challenges, I encourage each woman to be realistic. I will ALWAYS have heavy thighs. That is how I am put together. If that is you, or perhaps it is a thick waist - stop trying to find a miracle procedure, an exercise regimen or a diet to "fix it". Instead; embrace that about yourself and keep yourself as fit, lean and healthy as you can. Find clothing that enhances one of your physical assets - a long thin neck, beautifully toned legs or arms or a small curvaceous waist. Be cautious not to wear clothing that is too tight over areas you wish to camouflage. Also, do not wear large prints, extremely bright colors or glittery, shimmering fabrics over those areas...and, of course, remember that dark colors make areas recede and look smaller while lighter colors make the are stand out and look larger.
These are some beginning steps to finding, what I call "Your Fashion Signature". Once you find it you won't ever want to forge anyone else's again!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Real Meaning Of Mother's Day Celebration

Mother's Day is a familiar tradition that is commemorated worldwide. We give importance to this celebration because of the influence and impact of mothers, not just to our own households but to modern society as well. We acknowledge the gift our own moms have given to us by bringing us into this world and the compromise they made to raise us and keep the whole family together as the basic unit of contemporary society. The significance of this holiday is found as long ago in history as can be recollected so when this very day comes closer allow us to consider the essence of what this special day really means to all of us.
The practice of paying honor to motherhood has been observed in diverse cultures and societies around the world since ancient times. It commenced with pagan practices of displaying dedication to Mother Nature and female deities during the period of age-old Greece and Rome.
These days, it's become an international holiday that is celebrated on several days between March and May. A festivity honoring one of the most significant women within our lives is the thing that Mother's Day is all about. This is not only for our own moms alone but to all women that played a crucial role in our childhood and still remains to be there supporting us. It's a day to demonstrate our love and respect to the women that have reared us into what we are today and who we'll be tomorrow.
Make this day a special one by enjoying it in a unique and special way. It may either be celebrated in style with a magnificent social gathering full of close friends and neighbors, a family group getaway and get-together, or possibly a very simple peaceful dinner with close family. Prepare something which differs from the same old activities that your mom is accustomed to. Astonish her with a treat to a spa, a day-off from household responsibilities, breakfast in bed or by organizing one of her favorite dishes. Throughout the day, we ought to let her feel like she is appreciated and that we are fortunate to have her in our life.
Giving presents can be a fantastic way to help to make her truly feel adored and special. This can vary from a straightforward bunch of flowers to a gorgeous greeting card. The fact is the list of gift ideas and celebration surprises for our mothers are countless. Whatever you may decide for Mother's Day, the point that is most vital is it signifies the endless love and everlasting thankfulness which you feel for the most special lady you could ever have in your lifetime.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Women and the Art of Play

We all know about the importance of play for the emotional growth and development of children. It can enhance their imagination, increase social skills and boost self-confidence. So why don't we place more value on play for ourselves? According to a recent study by the Families and Work Institute, ½ of American women don't have enough time to spend on themselves and the activities they enjoy.
Early on, girls tend to be collaborative, communicative and caring - you can see it when they play house and mother their dolls. And these traits become even more entrenched as the years go by. We often put the needs of family before our own and are kept busy nurturing our aging parents and growing kids. Of course, you can't abandon the never ending to-do lists around family and domestic duties.
But don't you think you also deserve to identify your other, more personal priorities?
We could take a lesson from the opposite sex, many of whom find time to let off steam with a pick-up basketball game or a weekly poker night. And there's plenty of expert advice to back up the importance of that. According to the founder of the National Institute for Play, Dr. Stuart Brown, recreational activities are much more than just fun. Fundamental to a healthy adulthood, play increases our capacity for creativity, problem solving, adapting to new situations, learning and even happiness.
The time frazzled woman has become a common archetype today. With the added stress that accompanies these uncertain economic times, you may think that taking precious time away from work and family is unrealistic. But, as members of the sandwich generation, it's vital to nourish ourselves so we can be emotionally strong enough to help those who depend so much on us.
The first step toward better self-care is to recognize that some of the barriers are in your own head. And then it's critical to shift your standards.
Let go of the idea that you can do it all. Take a lesson from the community of women who call themselves Mice at Play. Their goal is to bring fun into their lives through constructive and positive play-dates, lectures and workshops - in fact, they call it 'fun with a purpose.'
And then start your own personal play revolution. Think about your fondest memories of playing as a child. What are a few similar activities you could integrate into your life right now? How can you reconnect to your creative and playful side? And how far are you willing to go outside your comfort zone? Just imagine the potential benefits to your physical health, level of happiness and feelings of wellbeing. And who couldn't use a few extra laughs anyway?!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awesome Tips To Get Chip Free Nails

Have you ever wondered why manicures done at a salon lasts longer than doing it at home? They don't actually have top secret information. It just takes a few simple tricks. Tricks that spell the difference between a long lasting manicure and one that is not up to par. I am going to share with you some tips to get a salon-worthy finish.
1. Prepare Your Nails For Manicure
Make sure that your nails are clean and free of oils. If your nails are oily, the nail polish would not adhere to it properly. Make sure that you have removed any traces of old polish and then wash your hands thoroughly. Prepping your nails will ensure longer lasting manicures.
2. Apply Your Base Coat
Before putting on some color on your nails, it is important to put on some base coat first. Most base coats contain proteins and other substances that help in keeping your nails strong. It also prevents the color from staining your nails. You would know that you are using a base coat if it dries really fast and has a matte finish. However there are also some base coats that have a tacky finish when dried.
3. Easy Breezy Nail Application Technique
If you are putting color on your nails, use only thin coats, especially if a particular polish isn't that opaque. Use the first stroke on the middle part of your nails and then apply on the sides afterwards. If you are doing it for the first time, use your pinkie finger as an anchor and rest it on the surface. Allow ample drying time to prevent unnecessary bubbles.
4. Top Coat Seals The Deal
After ensuring that the coats are dry, you can then add a coat of top coat. This nail polish gives a shiny and translucent effect on your nails, which makes them look professionally done. This also helps in lengthening the life span of your nails. You can also re apply your top coat every now and then.
Some people find it difficult to apply polishes on their nails, especially when they are using their non dominant hand. However, with a little practice, you can definitely get the hang of it. Try to use these tips the next time you are planning to do your nails. This will definitely save you a lot of money in the long run. Have fun and enjoy your nail adventure!