Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Embrace Your Body: It Is the Only One You Will Ever Have

As a woman I know the constant battle that we fight in relation to our actual physical appearance versus our desired physical appearance. Our culture has done an excellent job of convincing us that we need to always be something we are not. Whether that is in terms of looking younger or being "more attractive to the opposite sex" or having a better figure...the message sent is clear. "You aren't what you could be or should be." That message can then be internalized to..."or what I want to be".
God says that we are created in His image. He knit each of us together as an intricately and curiously woven (as an embroidered piece of fine cloth. That is a considerably different message than we hear on a daily basis from our culture.
The old phrase, "Beauty is more than skin deep" should be a twenty-first century phrase as much or more than it was an early twentieth century phrase. Where does true beauty come from? Each of us know women who are not physically attractive yet they are breathtakingly beautiful because of their inner spirit. Why have we bought into the idea that in order to be beautiful we must look like a super model from head-to-toe no matter our age, economic status or profession? Begin today to see yourself as God sees you ... His creation! That is pretty cool, isn't it? The God of the universe created YOU just like He wanted down to the very last detail.
I can hear you saying, "But I really do want to be more physically attractive." I believe God puts within us a desire to be the best and make the most of what He has given us. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look our best by feeding our bodies good, wholesome food, exercising, getting enough rest, and keeping stress at a minimum whenever possible.
When I teach women about body types, including figure assets and challenges, I encourage each woman to be realistic. I will ALWAYS have heavy thighs. That is how I am put together. If that is you, or perhaps it is a thick waist - stop trying to find a miracle procedure, an exercise regimen or a diet to "fix it". Instead; embrace that about yourself and keep yourself as fit, lean and healthy as you can. Find clothing that enhances one of your physical assets - a long thin neck, beautifully toned legs or arms or a small curvaceous waist. Be cautious not to wear clothing that is too tight over areas you wish to camouflage. Also, do not wear large prints, extremely bright colors or glittery, shimmering fabrics over those areas...and, of course, remember that dark colors make areas recede and look smaller while lighter colors make the are stand out and look larger.
These are some beginning steps to finding, what I call "Your Fashion Signature". Once you find it you won't ever want to forge anyone else's again!

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