Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stockings - Sensible or Sensual?

What brand of stockings do you wear? That was a question that came out of the blue at a networking event I attended recently.
It got me thinking. Why wear stockings as a business and professional woman over 40 when the world is becoming more casual?
Here are my modern dressing tips for business women over 40 so that you can tap into the magic of stockings.
Only Women Look Great in Stockings
I see far too many business and professional women over 40 who always wear pants. Some business friends and associates I have never seen in a skirt with or without stockings. (I am writing here for the normal woman not someone who has a serious skin condition where you prefer to cover up rather than reveal your legs.)
Ok, the rest of us have legs that are not perfect! Whose are? You examine them critically and think they are too skinny, too fat, too freckly or too pale. You have some scars or splotches and blotches. So what! You are a woman not an insecure teenager. Only women look great in stockings. Men wear socks and socks are sensible not sensual. Yes, you are a serious, grown-up professional woman but who said you have to hide your legs in pants or long skirts all the time.
Celebrate being a woman at least on some of your days. Yes, even in winter.
Stockings Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative
Most women are too busy noticing and cataloguing their faults rather than noticing what is great about themselves. It is time to stop comparing ourselves unfavourably with other women.
The right stockings for you will show off your legs as a whole and minimise your perceived individual leg faults. Sheer stockings in a light tan colour or sheer black will emphasise your leg curves and make you feel good about yourself. A bit of shine or sheen will take the attention to your whole leg not the individual bits of it. These are very smart dressing skills to look strong and confident. Be womanly sensual.
Find the Best. Ignore the Rest
Age brings wisdom; so use it. Do not buy the cheap sensible stockings. Go for the better quality or the expensive brand stockings.
What brand stockings do I wear? I live in Australia and wear Wicked brand by KolotexTM. They are at the top end of the medium-price range. If you live elsewhere, look for a brand in a similar price range. Yes, I choose the Body Slimming or In Control options for a bit of tummy support. They are comfortable, have some shine to them and they minimise all my freckles, red marks etc. It is the shine that is the secret. Shine is sensual and deflects attention from everything else.
Experiment to find stockings that are the best quality, the best feel and the best look at the best price for you.
Sensible Stockings
Some business and professional women who stand on their feet all day long need to choose sensible leg relief stockings. This does not mean the thick stockings of old. Look around to combine leg relief with a touch of womanly glamour. Do it for your own morale so you feel like a smart, sassy woman.
Ignore the sensible Knee Highs. Even if you wear pants, knee highs make you feel old and staid. Choose Stay Ups instead. These go up your thighs, feel sensual and still leave your tummy in peace.
There are lovely stockings out there. Even under pants, a glimpse of good quality stockings is a great morale booster.
BONUS: Yes, you can go the fake tanned-leg look BUT stockings feel nicer. They do not stain your legs and clothes. They cover imperfections AND you can take them off when you get home.

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