Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Women's Emotional Clothing-Clutter

Clothing-clutter is, as I see it, created by women's emotional attachment to clothing. I don't know any woman who doesn't have unused or never-used clothing in her closet.
Maybe I know the "wrong" women or maybe this is just because clothing is such an essential part of women's feeling of femininity.
If you are a "collector" of clothes that take up a large part of the room you need for other things, it will give you unnecessary trouble when cleaning, have guests for a snack or a dinner, have a boyfriend over or simply just want to enjoy where you live. It might even give you a tough time feeling great every day when you are at home.
Like so many others I still have clothing in my closet that I have not used for years and I have difficulties getting myself to give it away. I also can find a couple of things I bought and never used. Bought on sale and can't change it or simply never got around to take it back. If I don't give it away before adding new stuff I will definitely get a clothing-clutter issue.
The big problem is, when you have too much, it seems to keep piling up, creates ongoing clothing-clutter and spoils the feeling of that well-being it originally gave when first bought.
My suggestion forward is to explore the possibilities of solving this problem by looking at the reason it is there.
Why is it so hard to get rid of clothing you don't use?
Stuff and clothing you pile up are, no matter what, memories of an event or visions of an event you had when you bought it or got it.
They are memories of special times, special people, special deep feelings and you feel you cut off something of your yourself getting rid of them. 
like: "Who is going to use it, are they the "right" people I would like to see wear this, which kind of person is it that I allow to wear my treasures, my great memories if I give it away?"

Big Question: Is it now actually taking away value from you?
Money is an issue. 
You paid a lot of money for that stuff and you just hate to see it go to somebody "not worthy of YOUR special stuff" paid by you. You feel it is like giving away money you can't do without to somebody you don't know and who may not need it.

Big Question: Did you all in all get value for your money?
The work you have put into the Stuff! 
How many times have you washed and ironed it? paid cleaning, taken good care of it, dusted it and moved it around with you. It has become a part of your life and the time you spend every day -

Big Question: But is it giving back anything positive?
The time and effort you have put into the upkeep is heavy and it is devastating for you to think about giving up something you have taken care of for so long and spent so much time on.
Big Question: So, why are you still piling up fresh stuff? Does it really serve you?
Hopefully your answers to these questions have given you some ideas on how to solve this clothing-clutter problem and also inspiration to actually do something about it even if you sell it on a yard sale, to a store, give it to charity or open a clothing store.
If you are not renting or buying more square feet every month, to take care of all your additions to your closet space and other space, you have a big problem, that is if you don't do anything.
Last Big Question: Is it really worth the money it costs you to pile up more, let the enjoyment of what you already own get spoiled because of unnecessary additions to your clutter? 
I can't imagine you are ok with that.

So do something about it before the clutter also squeezes your possibilities for a great lifestyle and makes you totally forget how much fun life can be without clothing-clutter and what follows from it.
Throw away the weight of the clothing-clutter and start living in freedom.

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